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IXO Commerce powers an impressively automated business process

Over the years we’ve worked together we have discussed and then developed many unique features and functions, creating a highly tailored eCommerce platform with plenty of bespoke ‘bells and whistles’ to meet the evolving requirements of this business as they strive for advantage and stand out from their competitors.

The leading online supplier of quality compost, topsoil, bark, turf and blends.

“Our first contact with Iconography clinched the deal – they were young, friendly, professional and listened to our requests. It was definitely not the case of one size fits all. Iconography interpreted our requirements and designed a website that does just what we wanted, with the benefit of lots of other add ons.”
- Owen

Compost Direct have a new, responsive site, powered by the very latest IXO Commerce. However, their version is full of bespoke features. They needed highly specialised solutions to a variety of customer facing and warehousing challenges. 

On the front end, the customers had to be able to navigate a checkout while also selecting their delivery date and time. In the back end, we had to manage those bookings and load them onto lorry journeys. 

Behind the scenes, IXO Commerce is supplying a powerful order fulfilment tool; Compost Direct handle their own shipping and logistics. They needed an online solution that matched their highly focused team. With a semi-automated delivery map and lorry loader, we were able to come to the rescue!

We've also expanding their reporting to take account of all of this new detail. After all, what good is new functionality unless you can see its effectiveness?

Orders map

Through link to the Google Maps API, all orders are plotted on a map; this can then be used when plotting delivery routes.

Lorries loads of compost

Lorries are set up with a capacity and maximum load. Orders are then added to journeys based on the size of their products and customer preference. 

Drop shipping

Compost Direct mix a variety of fulfilment options to provide the best journey to their customers. IXO Commerce manages each with ease. 

Fancy photos

We sourced a fabulous photographer to work with the client on a selection of unique photographs to give the site a distinct visual identity.

Compost Direct have also been working with our partner agency SONDR. You can actually see one of their directors in their photos! We're really proud of the fact that together, we have created such a strongly branded website.

We've worked to really push the boat out on a few features that make the buying decision as easy as possible. Whether it's a soil calculator that recommends the amount of compost you need, or a track my order function, the customer has been put at the forefront of design. 

Our core B2C eCommerce platform
Our core B2C eCommerce platform

Enterprise level eCommerce, tailored for each client by our team of dedicated developers. XTRO eCommerce features a comprehensive suite of leading edge features, including personalisation and intelligent merchandising to drive performance and deliver higher levels of user engagement and conversions.

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