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Easy online ordering for B2B customers

Iconography have worked with Farmacy for the best part of a decade and we've got a great relationship. When they made the decision to upgrade their site, they had no hesitation in replatforming to IXO Commerce.

Farmacy have some very bespoke requirements, but thankfully, we knew all the right questions to ask. Whether it was about customer price lists, vet approval of prescriptions or straightforward eCommerce, our developers rose to every challenge. 

We've set up a website that caters to every part of their diverse customer base, presenting personalised offers to logged in customers, while selling products from two very different parts of the business through a single basket. Customer accounts are debited and orders are fulfilled from multiple warehouses depending on the location of stock. Order management processes are all consolidated into a single location to allow for the great ease of use within the company, and customer service has never been better!

With every order in one place, no matter the source, they're now able to compare telephone and online sales like for like. Our reporting lets them compare sales channels, the performance of individual salespeople or simply to look at sell through reports for the whole business. 

Consolidating order input in IXO Commerce allows for accurate reporting across every sales channel

Unified Reporting

With every order going through IXO Commerce, we provide a real-time data about  the business, from customer behaviour to product profitability.

Customer Settings

B2B customers are managed centrally and assigned to a Buying Group. Each one has individual rules for product pricing, credit limits and product visibility. 


IXO Commerce creates dynamic customer groups based on user behaviour; this provides personalised content for targeted on site remarketing. 

Customer Loyalty

Customers are encouraged to convert online to save Farmacy's phone lines; Loyalty Schemes and easy Repeat Ordering save time every single day. 

Veterinary Approval

Farmacy face a unique challenge with their products; because medicines can only be purchased with a prescription, almost every order has to be approved by the issuing vet.

In an imperfect world, Farmacy would have had to dedicate a team of employees to managing this process. Members of staff would have to send copies of the prescriptions to individual vet practices and then wait for approval before fulfilling the order. 

Luckily, they have us.

We've set up a process that allows the customer to upload their prescription and select their registered vet practice. That practice is then notified to review the order, all without any input from Farmacy. Once it's approved, it just falls into the workflow for order fulfillment. 

We provided enterprise level B2B eCommerce with enhanced reporting with automation and massive efficiency savings. What could be better?

Custom B2B eCommerce
Custom B2B eCommerce

We understand how to structure eCommerce for trade customers. INTUS Trade provides the specific stock, lead time and product information they need and the pricing, promotion, ordering and delivery options necessary to ensure all our trade sites are a useful resource which supports customers and adds real value.