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OMNIS Retail

Omnichannel Retail software that's a breath of fresh air

Award winning software for retailers

OMNIS is an end-to-end unified commerce platform – a single coherent software system, offering enterprise-level eCommerce, EPoS, CRM and a suite of essential retail management functionality to optimise your operations and drive business growth.

“Unified commerce offers a modern, all-in-one approach to retailers that want to move from siloed multichannel retail to cohesive omnichannel retailing." 

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OMNIS on Tablet

Agile and award winning omnichannel software platform

OMNIS - solving everyday modern retail challenges

We know that retailers hate juggling lots of systems - it just creates work and opportunities for error. Omnichannel retail software enables you to focus on the future, not what's holding you back.

- Eliminate duplication of effort by centralising product, sales and customer data in one system that feeds all of your retail channels

-Solve inventory and order management issues by using real-time stock and sales reports and automated purchase order creation

- Gain a true single customer view and provide services like multichannel loyalty, click and collect, online purchases returned in-store and quote instore - buy online 

- Simplify vendor relationships and stop the 'blame game' when integrations fail by using one vendor and retail software system

“OMNIS is a single, all in one system that covers every sale, return and customer without needing a single integration. ”

What's included with OMNIS Omnichannel Retail software?

OMNIS is an all-in-one, omnichannel retail software solution. Our secure and robust cloud-based retail software combines EPoS, eCommerce, CRM and Retail Management giving you, the retailer, an unobstructed, real-time and comprehensive view of your retail operations. No more integrations, no more unhappy customers.

Enterprise eCommerce

Our eCommerce is a game-changer for retailers that want to deliver a market-leading omnichannel experience to their customers. We've built a wealth of features into our platform including personalised experience management, intelligent merchandising, workflow automation and CRO.   

Retail Management Software

Our RMS enables you to create and manage your entire product catalogue for use in online and offline channels. Real-time stock visibility helps to improve inventory and order management while accurate real-time sales reporting supports a data-driven approach to retail growth.  


Gain a true single customer view with OMNIS CRM. Centralising data from all retail channels enables you to deliver effective omnichannel, customer-centric marketing and loyalty programmes, personalise customer interactions and offer value-added services like click and collect.  

Electronic Point of Sale

Intuitive touch screen and mobile POS empowers staff by giving them everything they need at their fingertips. Product information, stock levels, stock locations, refunds and returns and store-level discounts help to drive better margins and unrivalled customer loyalty.  

Download our eBooks

From choosing a Retail Management System to easing the common pains of integration, we've got a guide for you. Our series of eBooks will give you the confidence you need to ask the right questions when choosing a new systems.

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A true all in one omnichannel retail software system 

OMNIS omnicommerce software is suitable for a wide range of retailers from furniture to fashion to speciality retail. If you're selling through multiple sales channels you will benefit from the OMNIS advantage. We provide you with everything you need to get up and running quickly and easily scale up when you need to.  

Single Database

With a single database, there is zero lag time and no stock discrepancies. No need for two separate systems to run your online & in-store retailing. 

Readily Scalable

Our software is flexible and will be tailored to your requirements. Once you have OMNIS running in one location, easily add additional stores as needed.

Cloud-Based EPoS

You can access the retail management system anytime, from anywhere. Unlike other providers, we don’t charge per user, so no hidden licence fees.


Like any EPoS system, OMNIS can be used with a barcode scanner, printer and cash drawer. Easy to use, quick to set up. 

“Our brief was complex - we needed a multi-brand eCommerce site as well as an EPoS system for our retail stores - we're delighted Iconography was able to provide this.”
- David Sleigh, Director

Award winning recognition among omnichannel retailers

Our innovative omnichannel retail software won the top award for 'Best Use of Multichannel'.

We were delighted that our commitment to helping retailers regain control; by moving beyond fragmented retail systems and delivering a raft of operational benefits and better customer experiences was recognised by leading industry figures. 

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Pioneering, agile online and instore retail
Pioneering, agile online and instore retail

OMNIS Retail is a pioneering new retail solution that has been driven by D2C brands & niche retailers looking to the future. A single database eliminates any data integration issues between outdated systems, instead providing a cloud-based omnichannel retail solution fit for the 21st century.

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