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A specialised website for a specialist retailer that delivers real improvements and profits

Leveraging a niche in a challenging marketplace

Photography eCommerce is an extremely competitive business. All too often, it's simply a race to the bottom as companies compete on price for customers looking for the best deals. When confronted with this reality, Firstcall owner Rodney Bates found an opportunity in analogue photography. With the popularity of 'retro' hobbies, they've been able to turn their expertise into a flourishing trade in darkroom chemicals and refurbished cameras.

With their new direction, Firstcall began to look at alternative marketplaces, focusing on Amazon and eBay to maximise their visibility; with the new site and omnichannel visibility, the order numbers rapidly increased. To make all this work, Firstcall needed to leverage operational the operational efficiencies that IXO Commerce can provide. 

As with anything, first impressions are essential, and a significant part of the relaunch was to improve the look and feel with lifestyle photography

“The net results were that for the first six weeks of lockdown our web sales increased 250% with more new customers than we've ever had. We also followed Iconography advice to get involved with customers. This is the third website we've had from iconography, and we'd thoroughly recommend them for the work they've done and how they've interacted with our requirements for our business in making a new site.”
- Rodney Bates

The website connects to several key systems to keep the flow of orders and customer notifications moving smoothly. Whether it's updating Mail Chimp with marketing data, or speaking to Sage for the smooth running of their accounts, IXO Commerce lets Firstcall run an efficiently automated business. 

Proven results

This is the third generation of Firstcall's website that has been built by Iconography and it's their most successful yet.

Great photography

We worked with the team at Firstcall to recommend consistent photography throughout. That's why their category pages look so good!

eBay link

Firstcall manage their eBay shop through the website. They create listings while the website automatically provides stock and order updates. 

Amazon link

Automation makes managing customer service a doddle and easily allows Firstcall to maintain their seller rating and Prime status.

With over ten years of working together, we're pleased to have such a great relationship with Firstcall. Like all of our clients, it's truly collaborative and mutually beneficial. Their success is very much our success.

Our core B2C eCommerce platform
Our core B2C eCommerce platform

Enterprise level eCommerce, tailored for each client by our team of dedicated developers. XTRO eCommerce features a comprehensive suite of leading edge features, including personalisation and intelligent merchandising to drive performance and deliver higher levels of user engagement and conversions.

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