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A new website for an old client

Aldiss have had an Iconography website for the better part of a decade and during the pandemic, we started talking to them about replatforming to IXO Commerce. 

The website has always performed well, and their ambitions have increased over time. Recently Aldiss expanded their team, and with seasoned eCommerce professionals on staff, provided Iconography with a comprehensive brief.

Although we were already hooked into their Navision stock system, this was an opportunity to take the eCommerce experience to the next level; IXO Commerce has delivered on an enhanced Site Search, automated Filters, boosted CRO and Personalisation opportunities.

“A high performance website, wrapped in a stunning design!”

Why did they choose Iconography?

eCommerce Experts

We are eCommerce Experts; Digital Artisans. We work with RMS, CRM and EPoS, but eCommerce is where we started; we know it well.

Omnichannel Experience

IXO Commerce tracks stock in mulitple locations for an industry leading omnichannel solution, powering a great click and collect experience

Furniture Specialists

Furniture eCommerce isn't straightforward. Peter Green chose us over another supplier for that reason; our furniture clients succeed.

Dynamic Filters

The website's filters are generated dynamically, based on product options - no manual intervention needed!

Our core B2C eCommerce platform
Our core B2C eCommerce platform

Enterprise level eCommerce, tailored for each client by our team of dedicated developers. XTRO eCommerce features a comprehensive suite of leading edge features, including personalisation and intelligent merchandising to drive performance and deliver higher levels of user engagement and conversions.

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