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Sequencing your products

Your customers need to be able to find the right product. A decent site search is one way, but they're just as likely to use your categories and, if those categories have too many products, it can quickly become overwhelming. 

Visitors are most likely to see the products at the top of the page, and too many eCommerce websites are still sorting products alphabetically. 

In store, retailers often look to present customers with best sellers or high margin items, but that can be impractical online. With so many products to sequence, it can simply take too long, leaving them looking for an alternative solution. 

Want to automate your merchandising?
Want to automate your merchandising?

Enterprise eCommerce platforms should offer ways to optimise your conversion rate without increasing your workload.

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“You need a system that works for you, not a system that you have to work”

Manage your own rules

Categories with one or two products are relatively simple to sort manually, but most come with a lot more products than that. When it comes to handling hundreds (or even thousands of products), they simply can't be sequenced individually - it's just too time consuming. 

That's where you should implement automation. A little bit of human cleverness, coupled with some machine learning, allows IXO Commerce to intelligently merchandise your products for you.

It's easy to change the priorities; simply choose what's most important. Do you want to prioritise new products, or expensive ones? Cheaper products or most popular?

Of course, the answer will probably change a lot from week to week and month to month, and it'll certainly change depending on the products themselves.

You're in sale? Prioritise the products with the biggest savings!

You've just had a load of new products? Push them to the top!

Best of all, if you need to factor in another data point to your sort orders, we can do that - so long as IXO Commerce holds the data it can be used. We've got clients building sort orders based around lead times, dimensions and customer reviews.

Whatever you select will have an impact on which products appear at the top of the page, which in turn will have a big impact on which products are added to the basket.

Do you need some help merchandising your website?

This is enterprise level eCommerce, tailored and crafted to meet your requirements. Lean efficient code, intelligently written and deployed.

We work with some serious eCommerce retailers – they push us, we all learn, and we evolve.

XTRO eCommerce represents years of effort, refinement and improvement – it offers a wealth of features and functions and provides the flexibility, personalisation, intelligent merchandising, time saving workflow automation and conversion rate optimisation tools that those in the know expect as standard.

With our enterprise eCommerce platform, you can sequence and present products automatically based on product level activity and engagement, stock levels, promotions, conversion rates and sales.

This is just one of many useful features that streamline customer facing tasks, as well as day to day backoffice features, all to enable your team to achieve more.


Our core B2C eCommerce platform
Our core B2C eCommerce platform

Enterprise level eCommerce, tailored for each client by our team of dedicated developers. XTRO eCommerce features a comprehensive suite of leading edge features, including personalisation and intelligent merchandising to drive performance and deliver higher levels of user engagement and conversions.

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