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A B2B and D2C website built for the Kingspan Group.

Fuel Tank Shop is part of the larger Kingspan group. We've worked with them since 2015 and and over that period we've completed multiple projects, including two complete website builds. 

This is a truly enterprise level eCommerce website, with high volumes of D2C and B2B transactions happening every day. Complex and expensive products are no obstacle on a platform that caters specifically to customer experience and conversion rate optimisation. 

We have provided them a single solution that fits all of their business needs. We've consolidated B2B and retail orders, while also pushing those sales orders directly into Infor LN, fully automating a previously time consuming process. 


“The integration with our ERP systems seems so seamless.”
- Phil Andrews

Why did they choose Iconography?

Direct to Consumer

Thanks to our experience with other brands, at Iconography, we can advise on all aspects of D2C retail, forming a true partnership.

B2B eCommerce

IXO Commerce provides every feature needed for B2B eCommerce, from CRM sales tools to accounting support and price lists.

Longstanding Relationship

This isn't the first website we've built for Fuel Tank Shop; we've worked with them for years, and we're happy to say it's gone strength to strength.

LN ERP Integration

We've helped Fuel Tank Shop where previous developers had let Kingspan down; this kind of complex integration is our comfort zone. 


Custom B2B eCommerce
Custom B2B eCommerce

We understand how to structure eCommerce for trade customers. INTUS Trade provides the specific stock, lead time and product information they need and the pricing, promotion, ordering and delivery options necessary to ensure all our trade sites are a useful resource which supports customers and adds real value.

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