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Providing expert eCommerce for a global corporation. 

Pro-Grow are a subsidiary of Veolia International, delivering compost across the UK. As well as offering a Direct to Customer solution via eCommerce, they also serve a variety of Business to Business contracts to companies like B&Q and Screwfix.

They approached us because their old website wasn't ready to meet their ambition. Veolia needed a modern eCommerce platform that could handle the complexities of their business without overloading their staff.

With its intuitive interface, it took no time at all for their staff to learn IXO Commerce; even better, while they were being trained, our developers connected the website into their ERP. 

“Easy to use, and easy to see the results”

Why did they choose Iconography?

Direct to Consumer

Thanks to our experience with other brands, at Iconography, we can advise on all aspects of D2C eCommerce, forming a true partnership.

B2B eCommerce

IXO Commerce provides every feature needed for B2B eCommerce, from CRM sales tools to accounting support and price lists. 

SAP and Open APIs

IXO Commerce comes with a suite of Open APIs, which Veolia use to connect Pro-Grow's website to their SAP instance. 

Global Brand Expertise

Veolia are an enormous company that trades in nearly 50 countries. We used our experience working with large corporations to deliver results.

B2B eCommerce
B2B eCommerce

We understand how to structure eCommerce for trade customers. INTUS Trade provides the specific stock, lead time and product information they need and the pricing, promotion, ordering and delivery options necessary to ensure all our trade sites are a useful resource which supports customers and adds real value.

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