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They've replaced an outdated Frankenstein's monster with one single system; one piece of software, one database, zero lag time

Over the years, Koi Logic had gotten used to a system that never quite worked as it should. In theory, when they changed an image on their clunky old RMS software, the product page on their eCommerce website should have been updated. In theory, when they upated prices, or stock, or added new products, those changes should have been pushed throughout their retail ecosystem. The reality was very different. 

Like so many retailers that we speak to, Koi Logic were mired in integration hell. The web link never functioned as promised, and even when it worked at all, the connection was intermittent. Fields were poorly labelled in the legacy system, and the whole process was confusing. Training and aftercare were always poor, however that was compounded this year by his provider cutting all support for the POS terminal.

Koi Logic needed a new solution, one that catered for a modern omnichannel retailer.  

If effective omnichannel is what you want, then OMNIS Retail is what you need

“Managing the whole business, upstream and downstream, in one unified system makes everything so much easier!”

Achieving omnichannel retail

Omnichannel retail is everywhere, but successful omnichannel retail isn't. It's not enough to use the buzzword; you have to follow through with the results. While many legacy systems still have siloed data, OMNIS Retail is a Unified Commerce platform.

That means that every piece of data, from orders to products, customers to suppliers, are all held in a single database. We've cut out unnecessary integrations, so there's no reliance on third parties, or promises for 'uninterrupted service'. 

Simple, fast and effective. 

Enterprise eCommerce

Koi Logic didn't have to compromise and prioritise instore over online. IXO Commerce provides one perfect solution for both. 


Point of Sale

Instore orders are processed quickly and simply, using traditional barcode readers. Receipts are either printed or emailed to the customer.

Retail Management System

Full stock and supplier management, with purchase ordering, stock take provision and extensive reporting empower Koi Logic.

Zero lagtime

Traditional integrations involve lag time as different databases are changed. IXO Commerce only has one database, so updates happen in real time.

Unified Commerce

Every product in OMNIS Retail can appear in the EPoS and on the website, which is perfect for the modern shopper. Customers are able to research products before they arrive, hunt for inspiration while walking around the store, and consult with a salesperson who has access to exactly the same information.

Customers get a great experience, led by their preferences and informed by how they want to shop, not limited by an outmoded retail system.

OMNIS Retail combines enterprise eCommerce with EPoS and a full Retail Management System. Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, stock taking and extensive reporting make it the only retail tool Koi Logic need. 

Online and instore retail
Online and instore retail

OMNIS Retail is a pioneering new retail solution that has been driven by D2C brands & niche retailers looking to the future. A single database eliminates any data integration issues between outdated systems, instead providing a cloud-based omnicommerce retail solution fit for the 21st century.